On The Day of Sri Ramanavami | Translated by N S Raghunath

On the day of Sri Ramanavami, Rama’s nectar-name is

Pā naka[1] fruit-fitters,  fruit jam; musk-melon,

Slices of jackfruit in honey, soaked cereals:

Comes flaming Shabari between-manifest-center.


A spark in the belly of the sun-burnt earth ––

Life force’s vital bearing

With a throbbing itch for the cloud’s touch

Cracks the earth:  green, grass, flower, thorn.


Water-souse for the tiny seed in the earth:

A daily routine round the Aswatha Tree[2].                            

Stone flowering on top of  the Gommatagiri[3]

Was an inexplicable strange incident, a  pretension.

A brief flight on the jet-craft

Earth-crashed dream of  sky-journey ––

Back to the soil, rocket chewed spittle

Modern perversion crashes on every month.


In the magnifying glass of  Vedas and Upanishadhs

Evolves the Form,  itself is naive

Ascending on the steps of Fish, Tortoise, boar

A Vision carved by the snake-pit-covered-hand [4]                


On the line of son-desired-lust of Kausalya-Dhasharatha

A sudden crash on the  Thrikāla-chakra[5]

Warhead  explodes; sharp edge of the bright radiance

Mud-covered incident: from underneath remains[6].


The predicament of the white sails in the early morning,

The rajahamsa splits through the milky-ocean;

Unwinding the inner self, in search-light

Highway spreads Ramacharita.


Fasting with will power; arrow

Towards darkness, daylight shaft to the dark forest                   

For the attraction of the earth-daughter[7] Lanka is on fire

And the bluff: Unless burnt I wont touch.[8]


Rama’s  arrow dazzles; true.  Only

Ten heads to darkness? Hundreds? It’s innumerable:

It grows as you severe, and grows upto your neck

Primordial; Kodanda Danda[9]  too turns wasteful;


Or circular line:  rubbing the flint stones

I sit in darkness, waiting,

Eating  fruit-fitters, sipping sweet drink

Waiting for the explosion, ears vibrating.                                       


Will my mail reach Sahasrara

To the stages of eight wheeled rockets?

Can the power of will carve again that Shape,

That,  that Form of Purushothama without

The touch-of-the-snake-pit?                                                            


Translated by N S Raghunath, Published in SARASA, Ed C D Narasimhaiah and

C N Srinath, Dhvanyaloka, Mysore




[1] Bael fruit sharabat (wood apple drink)

[2] It’s a pair of trees comprising a peeple tree and a neem tree. They are married and a platform is built at the base. An Idol of snakes carved on a stone plate is also installed. It now becomes fertility symbol. Baron couple perform puja in order to become fertile.

[3] The famous monolithic statue of Bahubali at Shravanabelagola.

[4] Valmiki’s hand for he came out of the snake pit after long meditation.

[5] It’s an imaginary wheel which is supposed to contain the knowledge of  Tretayuga, Dwaparayuga and Kaliyuga.

[6] Sita .  She was found in the mud when the farmers  were ploughing the earth.

[7] Sita

[8] Sita’s fire ordeal

[9] Kodanda =It is the name of Sri Rama’s Bow. Danda = in Kannada means  wasteful, fine imposed as punishment, a short stick normally used by the police.

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